Utrecht, The Netherlands


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Co-founder and developer

A teacher training for innovative schools, at the University of Applied Sciences Leiden. Co-founder and developer with Jochem van der Padt en Hieke van Til. Starts in school year 2020.




Author of the book and co-founder of the school

A book about our developments, experiences and insights of our school. What happens when you co-create school with the children and teenagers? What if you give space for what can emerge? What works? What is needed to make it work?





Facilitator and developer

I have developed a method by which you can get to the core of a team, project or organization.

What is the overall question?

What are core qualities?

What are desired outcomes?

In a session of one day, I deliver a framework, I ask questions, systematically, we co-create everything into one drawing, which works as an effective memory and a conversation sheet.

I have done sessions and made core drawings with boards, schools, projects for local governments, a community, projects in school, a large social innovative project, and a project in a University of Applied Sciences.

Het Lezen van Kinderen, WQ, Werkgroep Vroegsignalering, De Buitenhoeve,Spring, Sandwijck, HML, FreeWeGrow, Vitaliteitscampus.



Trainer and developer

Roundspeak is about how to do good meetings.

Meetings are a base for good cooperation. Decisions will have much influence on the future. How to make meetings effective and inspiring? How to work together as a team?

Book: Roundspeak in Dutch, German and Hungarian (English is in progress, and a Dutch version too) and training in Hungary.

We have joined as different trainers in decision making and collective processes, to support, cooperate and develop new materials: Het Collectief (The Collective)






Advisor and project developer

De Buitenhoeve is an Integrated Child Centre, which offers day care and education for children from 0 to 12.

I am involved in support, training and developing projects around well-being and organisation.





Co-founder and board of advice

Spark Acacemy is a school for primary and secondary education in Poznan, Poland. The school has space for social and individual learning and projects of students. The school started in 2017. At present, the school has more than 120 students, from 6 to 16 years.

Besides this school, I have guided and supported several other schools in the Netherlands and in Poland, the UK and Romania, which emphasize the relation with the children, space for personal choices and guidance in learning.



Organisor, trainer and developer

Together with trainers and facilitators Diederik Bosscha and Chris Jan Verbeek from Dock20, we have organized visits of three days for people from Estonia, to get an impression about innovation of education in the Netherlands.





Co-initiator and project leader

An international conference of one week on innovation of education, with 350 participants from Europe, Turkey and Taiwan.